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Shared Space Konzepte / Begegnungszonenchecks

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Shared Space Konzepte / Begegnungszonenchecks

QNA offers a wide spectrum of services for communities, including elaborating strategies and designs for public realm. To evaluate the potentials for the community and mobility (shared-space) QNA + bad architects developed a "Shared Space Feasibility Study / Begegnungszonencheck" together with Energie Tirol and umwelt service Salzburg.

The “Shared-Space Feasibility Study' is an experts’ opinion and recommendation whether sites in a community are meeting the requirements for transformation into a shared-space. The check is funded up to 50%*.

• What are the potential sites in the community to be transformed into a shared-space.
• Evaluation of the individual sites and to what extent a transformation is feasible.
• What added value can be expected for the community and the environment by the transformation.
• What would be the environmental effect of the transformation.
• Process recommendations with a first assessment of the process costs and funding opportunities.

*) depending on the province and funding guidelines









Energie Tirol, Land Tirol
umwelt service salzburg, Land Salzburg
Gemeinde Egg
Gemeinde St.Koloman
Gemeinde Mutters
Marktgemeinde Golling
Marktgemeinde Kundl
Marktgemeinde St.Johann
Peter Gläsel Stiftung, Detmold
SIR Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen
Stadtgemeinde Bischofshofen
Stadtgemeinde Imst
Stadtgemeinde Neumarkt am Wallersee
Verein Stadtteilentwicklung Gnigl, Salzburg
Wittlinger Therapiezentrum GmbH, Walchsee


QNA + bad architects

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