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Umbau / Sanierung, abgeschlossen


A former storage in contiguity to Innsbruck’s nightclub district at the ground level of a house built in the 1970s has been transformed into an architecture office. In this socio-cultural neighborhood of alternative culture clubs, music bars, and nightclubs as well as homeless and refugees care-centers, the ground-level shop-office allows bad architects to participate passively at the city live while working long hours, quasi as passive flaneur. Through innovative office design the office becomes a stage, and the lightened sliding door the stage design and eye-catcher.

The innovative sliding-wall structures the L-shaped ground floor plan, dividing the main office space from the secondary office spaces like meeting-room, kitchen, bathrooms, model making-shop and storage. The sliding-wall is made of foam, making out of a basic building material a luxury item. the panels of the foam wall are mounted on a sliding rail to the ceiling. The whole floor is covered with orange linoleum; the ceilings in the main office area and the meeting room are covered with foam panels like they are used in music studios, in order to approve the acoustic climate in the large office space.

All pictures: copyright Günter Richard Wett



Innsbruck, Österreich




Gewerbe, Geschäftslokal


Riedle Installationen, Innsbruck
bad architects


QNA + bad architects
Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix, Andreas Kuen, Karin Wörgötter

bauphysikmayr, Building physics
Eidelpes, Electrical planning

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