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Moving Noise Barrier

Wettbewerb, 2. Platz

Moving Noise Barrier

The noise barrier following the viaduct should protect the city of Landeck in Tyrol, close to St. Anton. About 42 trains per day cross the bridge, which means that the noise barrier is actually only needed for about two and a half hours a day. Therefore we propose a system which is moving with the train, which is only buidling-up when needed to protect the town of Landeck from the noise produced by the train.
Two kinds of absorber systems are used: on the fix lower part a classical porous system, being broad-band high-frequency; on the flexible the upper part a double-leaf angular flexible resonator system is used for the lower frequencies of the locomotive.



Landeck, Österreich





ÖBB, Österreichische Bundesbahn


QNA + bad architects
Paul Burgstaller, Nico Ebner, Ursula Faix, Andreas Kuen, Karin Wörgötter

nowy-zorn, Structural engineering
bauphysikmayr, Building physics

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