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Masterplan Ellmauplus


Masterplan Ellmauplus

In the Tyrolean community Ellmau the community consultation project “ellmau +” was carried out by the team QNA + bad architects, CIMA and Angelika Lienhart in fall and winter of 2012. As a result, the two versions for the masterplan “Postbauergund” were presented in March 2013 during the final event in the elementary school of Ellmau. The masterplan now serve as a basis for the community council.

Starting point for the process support were different views among the about the use of the 1.8-acre “Postbauergrund” on the western outskirts of Ellmau and whether this is acceptable as a location for a supermarket. In three workshops potentials of Ellmau in general and which role the “Postbauergrund” could play developed. Subsequently, the developed scenarios were evaluated in terms of community planning and economic aspects.



Ellmau, Österreich






Gemeinde Ellmau
Land Tirol


QNA + bad architects
Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix, Maighdlyn Hadley, Juraj Hubinský, Mateja Markešić, Fabian Partoll, Johannes Weninger

The project has been elaborated in collaboration with
CIMA Beratung + Management, Ried
Angelika Lienhart, Vienna

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