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Bahnhofstrasse Oberndorf in Tirol

Wettbewerb, 1. Platz

Bahnhofstrasse Oberndorf in Tirol

After QNA + bad architects won the invited competition to redesign the Bahnhofstraße in Oberndorf in Tirol in 2013, these visions have consequently been further defined. For the transformation of the Bahnhofstraße in Oberndorf in Tirol three points were essential both for competition and for the subsequent implementation plan:

Cross section, surfaces:
Besides a porphyry-colored asphalt surface for appreciation, optical narrowing of the roadway by a sprayed multipurpose strip was included in the planning. A low and tilted kerb offers an accessible boundary between the road and sidewalk.

The beautifully designed (porphyry and granite cubes) village center has its spurs in the beginning of the Bahnhofstraße with a tobacco shop, a pastry shop, the war memorial and the Infopoint. Those will be designed that they are augmented to be part of the village centre. The red asphalt will be used on the street up to the space at the war memorial, which leads to a square-like extension of the village street, and increases the quality of stay.

By using the same flooring material and street lighting solutions already at the underpass at the railway station, the visual and augmented connection between station and city centre will be created.



Oberndorf in Tirol, Österreich






Gemeinde Oberdorf in Tirol


QNA + bad architects
Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix, Fabian Partoll, Anne Steinkogler, Johannes Weninger

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