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Open Air Cinema Freiluft


Open Air Cinema Freiluft

The open-air cinema was designed by Julia Kick, Manuela Kneringer and Sabine Gubi in collaboration with bad architects. It consists of four parts: the innovative, light and flexible seats coated with glass-fiber. They can be used as seats, turned over and be used as a bench or put on top of each other serve as a bar and therefore be used also for other events.
The partition screen, made of printed PVC-mesh, protects the open-air cinema, which is located next to a busy street, against car-headlights and closes the piazza towards the street.
The screen is removable and is easy to rise with special fixtures used for flagpoles. In order not to spoil a cooler evening, which is quite common in Salzburg, we have also designed a fleece-cape with a coordinating orange collar.

Image 01: Robert Krasser



Salzburg, Österreich






Verein Stadtteilentwicklung Leopoldskron-Moos, Salzburg
SIR / Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen


QNA + bad architects
Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix, Sabine Gubi, Julia Kick, Manuela Kneringer
Design by: Sabine Gubi, Julia Kick, Manuela Kneringer

Manfred Lehner, Structural engineering

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