Villa Rans

Design Development, Completed
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Aldrans, Austria






Fam. Bartenbach, Aldrans


QNA + ursula faix architecture
Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix, Karin Wörgltter, Peter Mohr, Clemes Höller (model), Markus Ortner (model)

nowy-zorn, Structural engineering
Wolfgang Rhezak, Construction
Klaus Gebhart, Consulting

The villa is planned for a entrepreneur couple with four children. Analyses of the daily routines of each family member as well as an intensive examination of the parameters of site resulted in a design which respected the topogarphical factors equally as the sometimes contradictive requests of the future inhabitants of the villa. The small budget on one hand and high demands on the other hand produced a building with little circulation space putting contradictions (views, functional cycles, living on levels, spatial division and connection of singular areas etc.) in a spatial relation wrapped around the swimming pool.

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