Masterplan öffentlicher Raum Kundl

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Kundl, Austria




Urban Design, Urban Realm


Marktgemeinde Kundl


QNA + ursula faix architecture
Ursula Faix, Paul Burgstaller, Fabian Partoll, Johannes Weninger, Anne Steinkogler

As part of the public participation process “ideenwerkstatt vor ort” (by nonconfrom) diverent locations and spaces have been defined where the local community sees a strong need for action in terms of urban design and development.
QNA + ursula faix architecture were initially commissioned to conduct a shared space feasibility study for the affected streets. Since the results showed that the centre is meeting the requirements for transformation into a shared-space, QNA + ursula faix architecture have been commissioned to develop a general design concept for the public realm of Kundl. The presented design concept is forming the basis for further political decisions as well as for further planning phases.

Masterplan öffentlicher Raum Kundl Masterplan öffentlicher Raum Kundl Masterplan öffentlicher Raum Kundl