Fröling Schulungs- und Komptenzzentrum

Schematic Design, Completed
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Grieskirchen, Austria






Fröling Heizkessel- und Behälterbau Ges.m.b.H
Burgstaller Bau GmbH


QNA + ursula faix architecture
Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix, Anne Steinkogler, Fabian Partoll, Johannes Weninger

Fröling is the leading company for firewood, wood chip and pellet heating systems and has received numerous awards for technical innovations in this field. QNA + ursula faix architecture have been commissioned to redesign the external appearance of the new in-house seminar centre located in a former factory building.
The facade of a company building can be understood as a three-dimensional business card, yet a highly visible advertisement for the company.
The façade unifies by the simplest means the complex with its different building heights and requirements (e.g. natural daylight) into a landmark building in Grieskirchen.

Fröling Schulungs- und Komptenzzentrum Fröling Schulungs- und Komptenzzentrum Fröling Schulungs- und Komptenzzentrum