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Salzburg, Austria






ASFiNAG, Salzburg


QNA + ursula faix architecture
Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix

die Modellbauer, Innsbruck

Underneath a simple roof construction all garages, storages, and back of house areas are unified and weather protected, defining the public and the internal areas of the site. Additionally, this strategy allows a flexible layout underneath independently from any structural constraints and is avoiding the scattered appearance of a typical depot.
While the office building is efficiently interlocked with the depot - adjacent to one of the busiest highways is Austria – it is also orientated towards the nature reserve at the north of the site, providing a convincing working environment (noise barrier, view, lighting, etc.) for the employees of the client.

Modelpictures: copyright Bc. Günther Kubiza

ABM Salzburg ABM Salzburg ABM Salzburg ABM Salzburg